• Drowning WorldDrowning World
    A unique series of portraits of flood victims taken within the context of their environmental devastation. Covering the major recent floods in the UK, India, Haiti, Pakistan, Australia and Thailand.
  • through positive eyes Through Positive Eyes
    An extraordinary view inside the lives of HIV-positive people around the world.
  •  Kingsmead Eyes Speak
    A recent collaboration with 28 pupils from Kingsmead School in Hackney
  •  Kenyan Voices
    A series of short films made with nine young people exploring their experience of living with HIV today. They provide insight into the stigma and hardship they face, as well as the hope they carry forward. Each starts with a still image that makes a startling transition to video that explores their environment and reveals something beyond the photograph.
  •  The Children Left Behind
    Portraits documenting the lives of AIDS orphans in Mozambique.
  •  Eight Women, One Voice
    Profiles of eight African women who each address the eight world leaders attending the G8 summit about key issues of poverty, health and development which affect their lives.
    Also on the Action Aid site.
  •  The Harsh Divide
    Looks at the issue of access to life saving antiretroviral medication for people living with HIV in South Africa.
    This unique interactive presentation allows viewers to explore a set of 360-degree images.